Hair Consultations

Imagine not having to go from YouTube video to YouTube video, blog to blog, one Google result to the next in search for that elusive secret to caring for your natural hair? What if there really was a source your could refer to that could give you everything you need in one beautifully packaged, easy to understand, step-by-step system?

A Base of Hair Science + Your Unique Curl Needs + A Sprinkling of Artistry = The Perfect Regimen

Don't want to do the work yourself? I don't blame you! Putting all of that information together and designing your own perfect natural hair regimen can be a time-consuming task that you may not have the hours in the day for. If that's the case a done for you regimen is the solution to your hair issues.

Depending on the option you choose you’ll receive a 60 minute online video or in-person consultations to determine your top 3 hair concerns, your hair goals and current regimen. Your current products will also be evaluated. Also included is a brief health assessment to determine any health conditions that may have an effect on hair growth and overall health. Finally, based on the results of your consultation a 4 week hair care regimen will be developed.

If you choose to have a follow-up consultation your second one will be done after 4 weeks of being on your regimen. We’ll discuss the results of your regimen and progress as cover any additional issues that may have come up during the 4 week period.

The Perfect Regimen Design Consultation includes:

  • Assessing your hair type, texture and condition
  • Assessment of overall health
  • Functional nutrition assessment
  • Determining your top hair concerns and hair goals
  • Evaluation of current hair care regimen and products
  • Development of a 4 week step-by-step hair care and wellness regimen to address hair concerns and goals; includes product recommendations, styling tips and techniques. 
  • Follow-up with hair care regimen via email or phone.