Q-Redew Hair Steamer

The original Q-Redew is a unique, convenient hand-held hair steamer specifically designed to help you quickly and naturally rejuvenate, enhance, hydrate, add moisture, detangle, stretch the hair, and more. In just minutes, the Q-Redew can infuse the right amount of steam to safely manipulate the hair.

The Q-Redew can be used on wet or dry hair. When used on dry hair, the hair remains dry to the touch eliminating drying time.  No need to rewet or spritz with water to refresh.  The Q-Redew can be used alone or with other complementary products (sprays, gels, etc) applied to the hair as part of your normal styling routine. 

Susan's Note: This product is AMAZING!!!! It is WONDERFUL at helping to detangle the hair and refreshing your style for days. I use it on my hair in place of water to achieve great 3 and 4 day styles. I don't need to add any more styling products. On my daughters' hair I used it to detangle it (works better than any brush or comb) and then I add the Curl Quench Hair Butter or Curl Quench Coconut Moisture Milk afterwards as the moisturizer. It is a must-have tool for every naturalista, especially those women with type 4 hair that may have a difficult time with moisture retention. 

International Use

*The Q-Redew is 120 voltage 650 watts 60 Hz. Do not use power adaptors or convertors as they will damage the Q-Redew and the Manufacture's Warranty would not apply. Q-Redew Products is patent pending in the EU with intention of providing 240 voltage units in the future.

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