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Behind The Scenes: How To Maximize Curls On An Afro

Behind The Scenes: How To Maximize Curls On An Afro

I wanted to show you this behind the scenes video of a photoshoot that I did recently for Earthtones Naturals. This video taken by one of the models on the shoot and shows the difference in using enough product versus not using enough product. 

When our model showed up, she had put some Curl Enhancing Gelly in her hair, but as you will see in the video, her hair had some frizz and not a lot of curl definition. We were able to fix her hair, on the spot, increasing her curl definition without re-wetting her hair.  

Before you watch the video, I want you to think about five things: 

  1. If you’re not achieving a moisturized, frizz-free look, apply more product and see what happens. 
  2. If your curls have more of an Afro look as opposed to a really defined curl, apply more product. 
  3. If your curls are drier in some sections but not in others, separate your hair into more sections when applying the product. 
  4. If you have frizzy or dry ends, add more product on the ends of your hair. 
  5. The amount of product you use absolutely makes a difference. Don’t be shy. 

I know how disappointing it is to not achieve the curl results that you want. I’ve made video tutorials and written posts on our blog to teach all of our customers how to be better curlistas. I know growing up a lot of us were taught that you only put a little ‘hair grease’ or hair product in your hair. Many of us were taught to use hair product sparingly. However, with natural hair products, that isn’t always the case. I encourage you to boldly use Curl Enhancing Gelly and see what happens. You might just fall in love with your hair. And, I’m including a coupon in this newsletter to encourage you in your journey.

Here’s the video.



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