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How to Get Stuff Done... When Your Kids Are At Home!

by Earthtones Naturals May 17, 2020

Due to the school closures and self-quaratine have you been asking yourself "How am I going to entertain my kids and STILL find time to get stuff done?!"

If you are working from home and homeschooling - or even if you are JUST homeschooling, you know what a challenge it can be. Especially when you need to carve out time for yourself. Well there is help!

As the creator of Reward'um™ - the first ever restickable, multicultural, modern routine chart, Marlene Spence shared some valuable nuggest on how to develop an effective routine that will keep your kids entertained and help you get stuff done. If you missed the LIVE, here is a recording so you can view it. 


Earthtones Naturals
Earthtones Naturals

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