Your Self Care IS NOT An Option!

This discussion explores what our self-care - or lack of it - reveals about ourselves and how we are showing up in these unprecedented times.⁠

We need to understand the Power that our self-care practice has not only to manage stress, but to tap into our ability to create ourselves in the midst of this global transition.⁠

We engaged in a powerful discussion about this and participated in a simple, yet powerful practice that is a crucial part of her day.⁠

Who is Debbie? She is a Creative Wellness Professional/Holistic Practitioner/Educator who takes joy in teaching her clients how to celebrate, honour and free themselves. She is a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), Breathmaster Level 2 and a Women's Wellness Specialist. ⁠

She is also the creatress of AfrikCore, A Movement Experience. Debbie's specialized classes create safe spaces for women, men, couples, seniors, children, and athletes where participants explore how to AWAKEN, ACTIVATE and RELEASE their bodies to relieve physical pain and much more!⁠


Earthtones Naturals
Earthtones Naturals

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