COVID-19 has changed the way we do everything. At least for the time being. From our personal interactions to the way be do business, things are different.

From the beginning of this crisis we have been diligent to provide our clients with important updates. We will continue to do so, and to make these updates easy to find, we have created a page dedicated to them.

Please check here often to stay up to date with what is happening at Earthtones Naturals as it relates to COVID-19. 

We were informed last week that our warehouse has been impacted by Covid-19 and has to close temporarily. As a result, all orders that were placed after Friday, May 7th that haven't been shipped out yet will experience a processing delay. We were hoping the delay would have been a few days but they are still closed. We are unsure of when the warehouse will re-open.

We apologize for this inconvenience and will definitely keep you updated on when our regular shipping will resume. Once re-opened our warehouse team will ensure all orders are shipped as quickly as possible.

We are re-opening our Monday June 1st! Thank you everyone for your patience. We know that you've been wanting to come in to purchase but we had to ensure we had the processes in place to ensure everyone's safety.

Here are our re-opening guidelines:

1. Hand sanitizer is available in the foyer for use prior to entering the boutique area.

2. Our space is cozy and to maintain physical distancing, we will have to limit the number of clients in the boutique during busy times.

3. Staff will be wearing masks. If you have one, please wear it as well!

4. All in-person Hair Consultations are temporarily suspended. However we are still doing virtual consultations.

Boutique Hours:
For the time being our hours are temporarily reduced.

Monday - Wednesday: 11 AM - 5 PM
Thursdays - Saturday: 11 AM - 3 PM

**Curbside pick up is still available as an option for you to purchase and pick up products.

In accordance with the Province of Ontario's Stage 1 Re-opening plan, our boutique is permitted to be open.

At this time are are not ready to be open to the public yet. However, we are offering more days for Curbside Pickup.

Curbside Pickup is now available:
Mondays + Wednesdays: 11 AM - 5 PM

Fridays: 11 AM - 3 PM

We are currently in the process of ensuring that when our boutique re-opens we have the procedures in place to ensure the safety of our clients and consultants.

Here is a list of the businesses permitted to open for Stage 1:

Detailed List of Stage 1 Businesses

Weekly Status of the Canada Post Network

We continue to deliver in record volumes across the country and have been conducting weekend deliveries in some markets where warranted for several weeks. We have added personnel to our busiest processing plants to assist while respecting safety protocols and continue to work with our valued customers and our operations to find efficiencies where possible. Despite the ongoing efforts, the heavy incoming volumes are stretching our network beyond capacity.  This means items are accumulating as they await processing, contributing to the significant delays our customers are experiencing. We continue to respond in a responsible manner.

Please be aware that the challenges we are experiencing with parcel volumes are impacting our network across the country. While we are providing average processing delays at our facilities in these status reports, a parcel could travel across a number of facilities from initial induction to delivery to the final address.  Therefore, for some customers, the cumulative delay could be more than a week.  The most significant challenge remains the larger/heavier items where adherence to safety measures for two-person lifts are causing significant delays which may be beyond those reported below.

Processing update:

Toronto (Gateway) is still managing high volumes of parcels and is experiencing delays of up to 7 days.

Toronto (Gateway) is experiencing delays of up to 3 days on oversized Lettermail.

We are experiencing some delays in our Toronto Exchange Office due to delays in customs clearance.

Montréal is experiencing delays up to 5 days and the international volumes are heavy but we have no significant delays in Customs clearance.

Moncton is experiencing delays up to 5 days.

Calgary, Barrie, Hamilton and Sudbury are experiencing delays up to 3 days.

One of the biggest challenges continues to be the larger/heavier items where adherence to safety measures for two-person lifts results in significant delays in handling and processing products. These items present challenges from induction to delivery.

In Fort McMurray, mandatory evacuations were rescinded and delivery has partially resumed this week.

Updates are posted on the Alert section of our website.

We use Canada Post as our main shipping provider. At this time they are experiencing severe delivery delays and they are removing delivery guarantees from ALL shipping methods. What this means is that even if you choose Expedited Parcel or Xpresspost, there is no guarantee that you will receive your shipment in the specified time frame. 

Please read the information below from Canada Post regarding shipments and processing.

"As we begin another month of operating to provide an important service in these unique times, we are providing a broader status update.

From a delivery standpoint, parcels are heading out of our facilities for delivery in record numbers. Each delivery day is like peak season. The last two weeks have been busy, starting with close to 2 million parcels delivered on the Monday. We have added weekend deliveries in markets where warranted. The physical-distancing measures we’ve put in place with Knock, Drop and Go have simplified delivery which has been helpful in moving record amounts of parcels. 

On the processing side, we continue to make adjustments, but record incoming volumes combined with physical-distancing measures – in place from the time the parcels enter the plant to the time they leave – have slowed our operations. These are important safety measures implemented and followed in facilities that were never designed to keep people more than 2 metres apart. We expect these measures to remain in place for the foreseeable future while we continue to process heavy incoming parcel volumes. We are therefore focused on evaluating further changes within this new reality that keep safety at the forefront while providing more stability in our network and greater predictability for customers.  

Please be aware that while we are providing average processing delays at our facilities in these status reports, a parcel could travel across a number of facilities from initial induction to delivery to the final address. Therefore, for some customers, the cumulative delay could be more than a week. At the far end of the delays are the larger/heavier items where adherence to safety measures for two-person lifts continue to be a challenge causing significant delays in handling and processing."

We are now offering curbside pick up to those clients who would like to order online and pick up at our boutique. Click the link below for more information.
Curbside Pickup

Due to the closure of our warehouse due to the mandatory COVID-19 closures the shipment and delivery of orders will be delayed.

The situation with COVID-19 is changing daily and recommendations from the government are changing just a quickly. When we found out about the closure a few weeks ago we put a contingency plan in place to keep shipping. Our warehouse has several staff members dedicated to shipping our products and ensuring you receive them as quickly as possible. Due to their closure, we have had to ship from another location with very limited staff. We've also had to reduce the number of days we are able to ship to once a week. As a result, delays have been unavoidable. Additionally, since our warehouse also manufactures our products, items will continue to be out of stock until they re-open and can compound our products.

From a business perspective, these closures are frustrating and are a huge challenge for us. We rely on so many supportive businesses to be able to procure raw materials and have our products made. When they close it affects us tremendously. However our number one priority is to ensure the spread of this virus is slowed as much as possible and to do this, various measures need to stay in place for the time being. 

**In addition, please note that Canada Post has suspended it's delivery time guarantee. They are no longer guaranteeing that parcels will be delivered within a specific time range due to changes they needed to make in their processes due to COVID-19. 

Please see the notice here.

We are trying our best to get all orders out as quickly as we can but it is difficult for us to do so without the help of our warehouse team. 

Our next shipping day is Wednesday April 15th for orders placed April 6th - April 14th.

We are still shipping orders. Normally our warehouse ships 3 times a week. We are only able to ship once a week. There is about a 1-week delay with orders shipping. 

Our warehouse is scheduled to re-open April 14th. However this date could change. Once it re-opens we'll go back to our regular shipping schedule where there will be no delays in shipments. 

This is an extremely difficult time for all of us. I know that we are all trying our best to navigate this situation the best we can. I hope that you all stay well and I mean this holistically. In body, mind and spirit. To get through this to the other side of it we all need to stay well. Like you all are, we are hoping this ends sooner rather than later. 

Due to the government of Ontario requiring all non-essential businesses to close down by 11:59 PM on Tuesday March 24th, the boutique will be closed at least for the next two weeks.

Online orders can still be placed however there may be delays in shipping.

We encourage everyone to keep safe! Thank you and we look forward to serving you at full capacity soon. 

We are still open. However, for the health, safety, and well-being of our customers, staff, and communities, we are temporarily reducing our Ajax boutique hours starting Monday March 23rd until further notice. 

Here are the updated hours:

Monday - Wednesday: 11 AM - 5 PM
Thursday - Saturday: 11 AM - 3 PM

As this situation continues to change rapidly, if further action is required on the part of our business, we will notify you. Online ordering is still available as our warehouse team is available. 

We encourage everyone to keep safe!

Thank you, and we look forward to serving you at full capacity soon.

To Our Valued Clients,

With the further global spread of COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus), we are monitoring what the World Health Organization (WHO), the Government of Canada, and the Government of Ontario Public Health Agencies are advising to contain the spread of the virus in Canada and worldwide.

We understand that this pandemic is concerning to all of you as there is continued uncertainty as to how your daily life will be affected over the next few weeks and months.

At Earthtones Naturals, we have in-person interactions with clients daily in our boutique and you can purchase products online which are shipped from our warehouse. Here are the steps we are taking to ensure we are doing our part to follow the recommendations of the health organizations mentioned above. 

In our boutique:

Ensuring all interactions with clients involve clean hands. We also have a hand sanitizer station in our entrance and we request that all clients use some before coming in to the main retail area to purchase.
 We will attempt to maintain an acceptable distance from clients although this is difficult as we are assisting with hair care and need to touch clients hair to determine the best products for them! Whenever we are dealing with clients we ensure our hands have been thoroughly washed before and after each interaction.
 If any of our consultants are sick for any reason, they will be staying home for two weeks to ensure adequate recovery.

Product Manufacturing and Online Orders 

All of our products are manufactured in a facility that is ISO certified for meeting the standards for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for cosmetics. Raw materials used in the manufacture of our products are tested for quality both at the supplier level and prior to production in our manufacturing facility. 

We have spoken to our manufacturer and inquired as to how they are handling containment. As a facility that is GMP certified, standards for cleanliness and hygiene are already adhered to. For example, wearing lab coats, gloves, face masks and hair coverings when handling raw materials and components. They have informed us that they will be more stringent in their procedures and will be modifying interactions with each other by following the WHO guidelines and recommendations.

Possible Supply Chain Interruptions

At Earthtones Naturals, all systems are GO! With the manufacture of any product, though, there are various networks in the supply chain including raw material availability and procurement, product manufacturing, warehousing, and shipping. We are hoping there won't be issues with ingredient availability. However, since we source our materials from all over the world, this could be likely. What this means is interruptions in the availability of finished goods. 

We rely on a warehouse team to pack all online orders. If there is a closure with the warehouse, this could affect the ability of your orders to be shipped. 

Lastly, we use external couriers to deliver your online orders. If There is a closure with any of our delivery partners, this may also affect the ability for orders to be shipped and delivered.  

Currently, we are open at our boutique and fulfilling online orders as we usually would. We are still offering client care services during our regular business hours online, via social media and on the phone. 

As the situation surrounding this virus is rapidly changing, we are constantly monitoring recommendations to ensure we are up to date on everything we need to do. Should there be any changes to our boutique hours or disruptions with our warehouse and couriers, we will definitely let you know. 

We are doing our part to ensure the health and safety of all of our wonderful clients. Please, everyone, stay healthy and safe! 

Thank you for working with us during this uncertain time. We will navigate this situation and get through it together!

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