Love Your Hair™ LIVE

Get Ready to End the Confusion, Frustration and Overwhelm of Caring For Your Natural Hair

So you’ve decided to do the natural thing - or at least you're trying to. You swore off harmful chemical relaxers, synthetic hair care products and are ready to reduce dryness, breakage and damage. At least that what you thought.

Now that the hard part is done, all you have to do is find the right products and techniques that work for you. Which is super easy since there are tons of products on the market that promise superb curl definition, elongated tresses, ultra hydrated hair and damage repair. Combine the vast product selection with the natural hair websites, blogs and videos that educate and teach you about natural hair care and you're good to go right? Only it's not working out that way is it? The internet is full of conflicting opinions and misinformation.

And wouldn't you just love it if you hair were SOFTER, MORE MOISTURIZED and - this is key - MORE MANAGEABLE? You know; if it was GOOD hair. You know the type of hair. The hair that you just slap some conditioner on and the shiny ringlets form. And stay that way. The hair that you're able to pull a comb through with no problems. No tangling, no breakage and no worries.

And so you go from one technique to the next, one regimen to the next and one product to the next with the hopes of finding something, anything, that is going to give you exactly what you desire: soft, hydrated more manageable hair. 

Only nothing seems to be working. And if it does it doesn't work all of the time. So you keep researching, keep asking, keeping wishing and keep seeing all of these...

Rules. Don't forget the rules.

  • "Just co-wash"
  • "No shampoo! It damages your hair."
  • "Shea butter is all you need. It's the ideal moisturizer and you can make you're own whipped concoction!"
  • "No glycerin! It makes your hair hard!"

Etc. etc.

Finding the right answers AND products becomes an annoying (and often expensive) game of trial and error.

You know that being natural doesn't have to be so difficult, so confusing and so complicated.

What if you no longer were ashamed of your hair but wore it proudly? And protective styles weren't a necessity but an option? What if wash day didn't have to be an entire day of hoping your hair turns out the way you want it to but a time to freshen a style that works for you? What if the hair care products you purchased worked EXACTLY the way they should and you stop wasting money money on ineffective products...that you bought in the hopes that they would work, without really knowing what your hair actually requires? What if your hair care practices ACTUALLY lined up with your hair goals and you stopped struggling with dryness, breakage and damage once and for all?

It's time to stop.

Stop guessing. Stop crossing your fingers HOPING the next product you buy will work for you. Go beyond DIY product mixing with the desire to get that magical blend of ingredients that will be “just right” from several different products. Leave behind the rules and regulations of what you “should” and “shouldn’t” do and what you “can” and “can’t” use in order for you to be genuinely natural. Move past well-intentioned advice that – to be honest – doesn’t quite work

Love Your Hair™ Essentials of Natural Hair Care is a practical, hands-on workshop that will take you from feeling like a frustrated, overwhelmed beginner who has no clue about their hair, to a natural hair diva who is confident enough to rock her curls!

I've taken my health, wellness and psychology background and my experience in natural hair care and product formulation and created a simple system for you to assess your hair and determine exactly what it requires to look and feel its best. 

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