Natural Hair Workshops

There is nothing like learning about how to care for your natural hair than doing so with a group of women who share a common goal - to absolutely LOVE their hair! We have a number of workshops available through the educational platform of Earthtones Naturals, The Naturalista Insitute for Natural Hair. These workshops will assist you in every step of your natural hair journey. Whether you're a natural newbie or curlicious veteran knowledge is definitely POWER and it allows you the freedom to enjoy being a naturalista. 

We have various bite-sized workshops to inform you, as well as our all-day intensive to empower you. Check them out!


Love Your Hair™ Natural Hair Care Intensive 

Get Ready to End the Confusion, Frustration and Overwhelm of Caring For Your Natural Hair!
This is the ultimate natural hair care workshop. Our full-day intensive gives you EVERYTHING and we mean EVERYTHING you need to know to begin understanding your hair in order to give it what it needs. It's so effective and jam-packed with information, it deserves it's own detailed description. Are you ready to truly end the frustration in caring for your natural hair?? Read more!



Kinky Curly Hair Care

From tangling to breakage, poor curl definition to dryness, type 4 hair can be challenging to care for on the best of days. Combine poor understanding of your hair texture, ineffective styling techniques and incorrect product selection, it’s understandable why many women with type 4 hair don’t fully embrace their natural hair texture and are ready to give up. It doesn’t have to be this way! If you are frustrated with your hair and need major help, this workshop is for you! Refreshments will be served. This workshop comes with a custom curated hair kit with products and tools to assist with caring for your kinky curly hair.

Cost: $50 + HST




Lush Curls Optimal Health

In our quest for the most visually appealing hair more of our effort is spent on making our hair “healthy” from the outside by using countless products to enhance the look and feel of our hair. However what is emerging from the scalp is not living tissue. Hair growth and health truly begins from the hair follicle which is located within the scalp. Therefore in order for hair to be healthy we need to focus internally. The health of your body reflects in your hair. The body’s exposure to toxic chemicals can be determined by assessing the hair. Today’s typical diet is not adequate in providing the proper nutrients for optimum hair growth. Not to mention that these foods contain ingredients that have been scientifically linked to diseases like obesity, diabetes and cancer. Eating poor-quality, low nutrient foods can create an environment for slow hair growth, hair loss and disease. In this workshop you’ll understand the hair growth cycle, nutritional and hormonal influences on hair growth, diseases associated with hair loss, the truth about hair growth supplements and a step-by-step system with nutrition and supplement recommendations for improving the overall health of your body. You don’t want to miss this! Refreshments will be served.

Cost: $50 + HST