Our Response to COVID-19

To Our Valued Clients,

With the further global spread of COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus), we are monitoring what the World Health Organization (WHO), the Government of Canada, and the Government of Ontario Public Health Agencies are advising to contain the spread of the virus in Canada and worldwide.

We understand that this pandemic is concerning to all of you as there is continued uncertainty as to how your daily life will be affected over the next few weeks and months.

At Earthtones Naturals, we have in-person interactions with clients daily in our boutique and you can purchase products online which are shipped from our warehouse. Here are the steps we are taking to ensure we are doing our part to follow the recommendations of the health organizations mentioned above. 

In our boutique:

  • Ensuring all interactions with clients involve clean hands. We also have a hand sanitizer station in our entrance and we request that all clients use some before coming in to the main retail area to purchase.
  • We will attempt to maintain an acceptable distance from clients although this is difficult as we are assisting with hair care and need to touch clients hair to determine the best products for them! Whenever we are dealing with clients we ensure our hands have been thoroughly washed before and after each interaction.
  • If any of our consultants are sick for any reason, they will be staying home for two weeks to ensure adequate recovery.

Product Manufacturing and Online Orders 

All of our products are manufactured in a facility that is ISO certified for meeting the standards for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for cosmetics. Raw materials used in the manufacture of our products are tested for quality both at the supplier level and prior to production in our manufacturing facility. 

We have spoken to our manufacturer and inquired as to how they are handling containment. As a facility that is GMP certified, standards for cleanliness and hygiene are already adhered to. For example, wearing lab coats, gloves, face masks and hair coverings when handling raw materials and components. They have informed us that they will be more stringent in their procedures and will be modifying interactions with each other by following the WHO guidelines and recommendations.

Possible Supply Chain Interruptions

At Earthtones Naturals, all systems are GO! With the manufacture of any product, though, there are various networks in the supply chain including raw material availability and procurement, product manufacturing, warehousing, and shipping. We are hoping there won't be issues with ingredient availability. However, since we source our materials from all over the world, this could be likely. What this means is interruptions in the availability of finished goods. 

We rely on a warehouse team to pack all online orders. If there is a closure with the warehouse, this could affect the ability of your orders to be shipped. 

Lastly, we use external couriers to deliver your online orders. If There is a closure with any of our delivery partners, this may also affect the ability for orders to be shipped and delivered.  

Currently, we are open at our boutique and fulfilling online orders as we usually would. We are still offering client care services during our regular business hours online, via social media and on the phone. 

As the situation surrounding this virus is rapidly changing, we are constantly monitoring recommendations to ensure we are up to date on everything we need to do. Should there be any changes to our boutique hours or disruptions with our warehouse and couriers, we will definitely let you know. 

We are doing our part to ensure the health and safety of all of our wonderful clients. Please, everyone, stay healthy and safe! 

Thank you for working with us during this uncertain time. We will navigate this situation and get through it together!


Susan Walker, ND, WTS
Founder + Creative Director, Earthtones Naturals

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