Video Content Creators

If you love our products, enjoy being on camera and want to share your hair styling tips and tricks with the world, we would love to have you on board!

We are looking for Video Content Creators to produce professional, entertaining and engaging videos for our brand. The videos will be used for the marketing of our products. They will be promoted on various social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. You will be compensated for each video you create that is used by Earthtones Naturals.



If you have already purchased our products, you can use them in your video. If you need more products to create your videos you will be sent the products for free. Who doesn't love free products??!!!


  • Up to 5 minutes - $100 CAN
  • 5 - 10 minutes - $175 CAN

**Compensation will be paid out through PayPal to verified accounts. 

Video Details

  • Videos should be filmed in Landscape
  • If you are speaking in the video, the audio must be clear and not muffled or low. An external microphone is an asset but not required
  • Proper lighting is mandatory. Dark or blurry videos will not be accepted
  • Steady video (not shaking) is required. Using a tripod or mount can assist with this.
  • You will edit the videos for content. We will add our own intro, outs, background music and perform minor audio editing.


  1. Fill out the Video Content Creator Application Form  below

  2. Please be sure to enter your social media accounts and links to a sample video so we can see your style, personality and flair on camera

  3. Once your application is submitted and we choose you, you’ll be informed of all next steps!

*Currently open to Canadian and U.S. Residents 


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