Wash N' Go Like A Pro!

Our Curl Enhancing Gelly is one of the best products on the market for defining curls in all textures, especially type 4 hair. However you are just not achieving the results you see online and on social media! You're frustrated, ready to give up and label the product as one that just doesn't work. Chances are you've tried it the way most people apply Gellys and received okay curl definition or none at all. Perhaps you've used it and it resulted in bomb curls but the dreaded flaking. Does this sound like your experience?

If so, this webinar is exactly for you. There is no one approach to apply styling products on the hair. Because of this, you need to figure out the application process for YOUR hair to enhance your curls. In this webinar, you'll learn ALL about the Gelly from the creator of the product. 

You'll learn the how stylers work (especially the Gelly). The main causes of flaking and what to do to avoid it. You'll find out to assess your hair texture and porosity to determine the best application process for your hair. Discover 7 different ways to apply the Gelly and the results of each. Finally, learn how to maintain your curls for the ultimate style longevity.

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